Free Proxy Scraper/Checker v2.5 by

Free Proxy Scraper/Checker v2.5

This tool is a free program for those who want quick access to proxies without having to collect them slowly/separately.
The program is also a free alternative to those which are paid for. The proxies are not as high quality as those given in the paid programs.
Please enjoy the program and report any given bugs/glitches you find, also recommendations for features would be appreciated.

Included Features

- Quick and easy proxy scraping
- 175 Medium quality proxy sources
- 4,000+ Low quality proxy sources
- Import own sources
- Fast multi-threaded proxy checker


[Image: 271bc58969b84764932f73977c5dfc67.png]

[Image: e95414957802e4758e1bc5a27a4a426a.png]


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